VSCE has multi-modal projects throughout California: rail, transit, transportation, highway, aviation and maritime, providing an opportunity to gain varied industry experiences. Our projects range in size from small bus stop facilities all the way up to billion dollar programs with High Speed Rail and the Bay Bridge.

Our size allows for opportunities to guide your chosen career path and to work with management directly to achieve goals, to interact directly with senior staff both within our own team and with our public agency clients as part of a collective team, as well as gain varied exposure and experience.

Opportunities exist within the company to work through all phases of a project: from the marketing phase, seeking out desired clients and projects by supporting project managers in the proposal development process, followed by negotiating contracts with various agencies, and finally staffing the project and launching it.

VSCE is a collaborative, positive place to work with structured and unstructured fun.  Like a good team, we feel comfortable asking for help and supporting each other, asking co-workers to review and preview our work, and when there’s a deadline, we all step in to assist. While many employees work off-site at client offices, everyone knows we are still a team and can contact anyone within the company for assistance or advice.

Our size makes us invested in our individual and collective successes and allows us to know and care about each other personally and professionally.  We have fun.  We are not all “young” but VSCErs possess an adventurous spirit and growth mind-set.

If you are looking for a place to grow and yearn to learn the transportation business in all phases, we welcome you to join us.




Jesus Vargas


Jesús Vargas has over 27 years of diverse experience in public and community relations, program management, project controls, construction management and project development. His work has contributed to the delivery of multi-million dollar public works, industrial, and public-private projects such as transit, highways, bridges, buildings, airports, utilities, wastewater plants, and environmental mitigation programs.  He provides program management support to numerous public agencies in northern California.

Mr. Vargas is versatile in strategic project delivery methods, program support, and networking exercises. He is a highly energetic individual with numerous contacts in transportation and public agencies. He possesses excellent presentation skills, is a thorough project controls expert, and has experience with alternative projects delivery methods. Mr. Vargas has worked for Caltrans as a District 4 transportation engineer, and as a consultant he has worked seamlessly with numerous transit agencies, cities and developers.

Vargas’ Program Management experience includes quality assurance programs and risk management strategies in addition to coordinating utilities, right-of-way, permits, developing cooperative agreements and making payment recommendations for consultants and contractors. He also has been involved in numerous organizations such as the Associated general Contractors (AGC), the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, Women Transportation Seminar (WTS), Conference of Minority Transit Officials (COMTO), and The Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers (SHPE). He was recently appointed to The City of Alameda Transportation Commission and the CA High Speed Rail Business Advisory Committee.