Alameda CTC Program Management Project Control and Public Relations Support – Oakland, CA

Alameda CTC Program Management Project Control and Public Relations Support – Oakland, CA


Project Highlights:
  • Project Management / Construction Management
  • Quality Assurance
  • Public Relations
  • Report Writing
  • Map and Photo Edits
  •  Cost Tracking Support
  • Schedule Updates and Monitoring
  • Program Management/Admin Support

Alameda County Transportation Commission

Project Cost:
  • $800+ million
Service Date:

2005 – Continues
Construction Completion Varies – multiple projects

Services Provided:
  • Project controls and special project services
  • Progress reporting
  • Board presentations
  • Construction management and oversight assistance
  • Capital projects development assistance
  • Document controls
  • Program funding assistance
  • ITS/IT Projects development
  • Operations support
The Alameda County Transportation Commission (Alameda CTC), formed by a merger between the Alameda County Congestion Management Agency (ACCMA) and Alameda County Transportation Improvement Authority (ACTIA) is currently implementing the design and construction of key traffic congestion relief projects to improve regional transportation access. Since 2007, VSCE’s efforts have included standardizing program reports, project management and project controls on multiple highways projects including:

  • I-880N Safety Improvements
  • I-880 SB HOV Lane
  • I-680 SB Express Lane
  • I-88 Widening, Marina Blvd. to Hegenberger Rd.
  • I-680/880 Cross Connector PSR
  • I-580 Corridor Improvement Projects
  • East Bay Smart Corridors
  • AC Transit Newark Park n Ride

Firm Role

VSCE partnered with an international firm to form APM joint venture, which provides program management, project controls, data management services, and administrative support to the Alameda CTC staff in the fulfillment of these programs and projects.  VSCE developed the agency’s Quality Assurance (QA) Plan and was integral in the preparation of a Best Practices Program Management Plan, Strategic Plan, various reports, and cash flow analysis in order to meet capital program delivery objectives required  of the former ACCMA. VSCE staff has operated as an extension of the Agency representing the Alameda CTC at a variety of meetings and partnering activities.  VSCE additionally assisted Alameda CTC in creating boilerplate graphics and presentation materials, project area maps, PowerPoint images, fact sheets, and other visual aides for outreach to both public and private sector targets.

Specific cost-monitoring responsibilities include utilization of a cost control database and an invoice cost tracking system (ICTS) requiring efficient data-entry methods, and document control. Reports are generated and designed to monitor cost, forecast and offer real-time cost analysis – all proven added value for the project managers.  In addition, VSCE helped to write the process and procedures for the overall development of various documents and supported Agency staff with the following responsibilities:

  • PSR and PR Contracts Support
  • Design Oversight
  • Estimating
  • Environmental Review Support
  • Utility Coordination
  • Permit Coordination  Draft Right of Way Coordination