VSCE provides Public Relations and other community relations services to public agencies in support of transportation, infrastructure, and complex construction projects. Our public affairs staff is adept at facilitating comprehensive communication with target communities and all project stakeholders. Our state of PR services includes a range of activities to inform residents, businesses, and elected officials such as project briefings, targeted community outreach, project meeting announcements, newsletters, and assistance with interagency coordination.

To maximize our public relations efforts, VSCE staff capitalizes on access to information regarding construction status and progress to ensure that stakeholders stay informed of project impacts such as those affecting vehicular, pedestrian and bicycle traffic.

Our team is dedicated to providing positive, ongoing activities and points of contact to ensure a strong public image for all our clients and projects.  Moreover, we maintain a goal to promote a high level of public awareness of project status and benefits through a variety of programs, activities, community meetings, special events, school functions, and online outlets.

At the highest level, VSCE is equipped to produce creative and technically sound informational materials and brings tools to educate and inform not only members of the public, but also project partners in a partnering environment. The VSCE team possesses the technical and creative skills necessary to produce an array of multimedia information to educate the public and keep other team members informed.  Creative services include website development, photography, newsletters, mailers, meeting materials, and reports.

Public Relations Projects and Activities

Silicon Valley Rapid Transit, Milpitas, CA

BerryessaThe Berryessa Extension is a 10-mile, two station extension of the current BART system from the future Warm Springs Station in Fremont to the future Berryessa Station just north of San Jose. This is the first phase of a planned 16-mile extension connecting BART to downtown San Jose. Total contract values exceeded $800 million.

VSCE has provided public and community relations services that include facilitating project briefings and community outreach with residents, businesses, and elected officials; preparing project meeting announcements and newsletters; and assisting with interagency coordination. Additionally, VSCE interfaces with project designers and engineers, attends weekly segment and progress meetings, provides written descriptions of work activities, communicates on behalf of the design-build contract where appropriate and uses established communications channels to log interaction with constituents. Further, our team members coordinate project site access for high-level visitors such as local elected officials, senators and agency representatives and other key stakeholders.

Public Relations for Foothill Blvd. Streetscape, Oakland, CA

PR 3

The City of Oakland sought to identify concepts acceptable to the residential and commercial community from Fruitvale Avenue to High Street for its renovation of the Foothill Boulevard Streetscape.

To do this, VSCE has been tasked to provide public and community relations services. Engagement activities include facilitating project briefings with residential, business and elected stakeholders, as well as preparing project meeting announcements, newsletters, and some interagency coordination.

This project has also included conducting design visioning activities to empower the community by having them illustrate their ideas for project features and improvements. A key objective in this activity was to build consensus around the proposed solutions.



I-880 Northbound Safety Improvements (Fruitvale Off-Ramp) Oakland, CA


The I-880 / 29th Avenue Improvements Project is in the design development phase. Project specifications call for safety improvements to be constructed including modifications to an existing off-ramp and the construction of a sound-wall.

VSCE provided community relations services, serving as project liaison to the residents and businesses surrounding the proposed project area and disseminating information on the project’s status and progress. Key objectives of the project include collection public input, making recommendations to the engineering team, and finding ways to build public support for the project. Additionally, VSCE assisted in applying for additional state funding.

VSCE staff further prepared a database to manage the hundreds of properties potentially impacted by the project, generated a project newsletter, and coordinated numerous public meetings as well as one-on-one stockholder meetings.




Union Point Park (Phase 2), Oakland, CA

PR 2

The Union Point Park project began in 1997 through the Fruitvale Open Space Initiative, a public-private partnership. The City and Port of Oakland began a process in the early 1990′s to create a vision for Oakland’s waterfront. The Union Point Park site encompasses more than nine acres of waterfront land and an existing marina along the Oakland Estuary.

Mindful of the dearth of recreational facilities and open space in the Fruitvale/San Antonio neighborhoods, the Unity Council, a community based organization, was invited to represent these neighborhoods to build a new park. VSCE, Inc. has been providing program management, cost control, financial budget tracking, multiple agency coordination, and community briefings. Extensive infrastructure utility coordination was required to coordinate the sidewalk modification.

Community Participation

  • Alameda County Apprenticeship Collaboration
  • Caltrans Small Business Council
  • American Society of Civil Engineers
  • Women in Transportation
  • Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers
  • Construction Management Association of America
  • Breakfast of Champions